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Valve changes Steam ID format
valve decided to change everyones steam id format to some new format.

trouble is it broke all of the admin etc. tools, since they were all coded to your steam ids.

some of the functions have been repaired using a id translator, but others continue to malfunction, likely needing a minor rewrite to fix this problem.

might take a bit while we track down exactly which tools need the rewrite. some of these functions rely on the interaction of multiple tools.
Yet another update, and they broke everything they didn't break the first time!!

Most all is working for now, but there are still issues with some of the various admin functions, particularly those given to moderators/donors/public group due to the method we use to deliver those powers.

You can be sure we are working on it, but some items are just going to take longer than others since we depend on various bits we get from other people, and they need to do some updates.

Note that in the next few weeks (or maybe months) there will be a big set of changes due to the id change. For now there is a hack in place, but over time we have to transition to these new schema to allow for efficient banning and anti-cheat.


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