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Netgraph script for TF2
Attached is a script you can use for TF2 to see your connection quality in real time. you need to unzip due to the forum limitations.

its an autoexec.cfg file that drops into your C:/program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/team fortress 2/tf/cfg directory (drop the (x86) if on a 32bit system, and now that steam allows you to install in different directories the first location bit may be different for you - just make sure you get it in the cfg directory or it wont function)

What it does - if you hit the Ins key (NOT the Insert key, but the Ins key on the numbers pad - this can be changed if it causes any mental issues for you) on your keyboard during a TF2 session, it cycles through various netgraph options. The third and most powerful one gives you the most information, along with choke numbers and a visual graph of your internet connection. These are critical to see what kind of connection problems you are having.

any problems, let me know, but there isn't much to it. It just calls, in an efficient way, the steam embedded functions.

.zip (Size: 330 bytes / Downloads: 1)

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