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Maxine Waters - Smartest Woman in Congress

"Over 170 million jobs could be lost. Oh, no. That was Maxine Waters. The only problem is that there are only 140 million jobs in the country, so losing 170 million, that's a mean trick the Republicans are pulling off there, killing 170 million jobs when we only have 140 million. Now, we used to have 149 million jobs. Did you know that? Back in 2009, when President Obama took office, we had about 149 million jobs in the country. We now, after Republicans have gotten rid of all those jobs the past four years, are down to 140. And we're gonna lose all of those and an additional 30 million jobs because of the Republicans. Maxine Waters is the one telling us this."

Could she be the smartest person in Congress? Or is it Hank Johnson....


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