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New Steam Rules
Steam recently published some rules for all Quickplay servers. Some of these rules, in my opinion, are pretty misguided.

The good news: they ONLY affect Quickplay servers, so our trade server(s) will NOT be affected IN ANY WAY.

the bad news: our MvM and vanilla rotation servers are Quickplay servers so will be affected to various degrees.

Here are the new rules:

Modifications not allowed in quickplay:

◾Opening a MOTD window (hidden or visible) that is not requested
◾Forcing clients to view the MOTD until a timer has expired
◾Giving or selling gameplay advantage to players
◾Kicking players to make room for reserved slots
◾Modifying stock maps, models, or materials
◾Running non-default game modes: prop hunt, dodgeball, etc
◾Enforcing class limits
◾Browser popups
◾Granting or modifying economy items, or taking actions that devalue players' items, or interfering with the TF2 economy

Some of these don't really matter to us one way or another but a few are critical to keeping the servers up and fun to play.

For example, "kicking players to make room for reserved slots" is imperative, since why should we pay for the servers if we cant play when we want?

Another example, important for the MvM server(s) is "enforcing class limits." We have limited scouts/sniper/medic to 1 each because we frequently had people coming in and insisting on being those classes even though we already had one. Multiple scouts, snipers, or medics makes for a failed team. And now we cant prevent that.

"Giving or selling gameplay advantage" is a small issue only on our MvM servers. The only server we give any benefits that affect gameplay is our trade servers (with fire arrows, pretty minor). However, on MvM, we have sometimes given extra money to the team depending on who is playing, and now that is not allowed.

I can live with all of the changes above, EXCEPT the one related to reserved slots. Even that one can be managed on the rotation server(s) by reducing the number of slots and just leaving a few additional slots 'hidden' so we can join and not have to kick any one. But that wont work on MvM.

So the MvM server will either be taken down entirely, or removed from the Quickplay pool. No point in paying for a server if we cant play on it when we want.

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